Tips to Help You Choose Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Tips to Help You Choose Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is a critical decision in your kitchen remodeling process. This is because cabinets affect your budget and the appearance of your kitchen. They create an impression about your kitchen and your home in general. This article will offer information about the qualities of a good kitchen remodel, cabinets and how to select cabinets and the latest trends in the kitchen cabinets markets.

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Tips to Help You Choose Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Tip#1: What makes a kitchen cabinet good? 

When searching for kitchen cabinets, the quality of its construction. A good kitchen cabinet will have standard features as listed below:

  • Quality finishes
  • Dove-tailed drawers
  • Doors and drawers that can be easily closed or opened
  • Extension Drawers

Tip#2: Understand the needs of your kitchen remodel, cabinets

It is important for you to know whether you need more space for storage. List down the things that don’t like or like about your kitchen. Making these decisions will make your kitchen remodel easier.

Tip#3: Select the type of wood to use in your cabinet

The space available in your kitchen determines the wood to use in your cabinets. This is because of square footage and lighting. For instance, using dark cabinets in small kitchens makes space appear smaller.

Tip#4: What appeals to you more in your new kitchen?

You should be realistic about what you want after remodeling your kitchen. Are you looking for an aesthetic appeal? Are you impressed by the quality of construction of your cabinets? These questions need to be answered before starting to remodel your kitchen.

Tip#5 Understand the various types of cabinets

There are various terminologies that you are likely to come along when choosing cabinets for your kitchen as discussed below:

  • Stock Cabinets- These are pre-manufactured types of cabinets that come with specific sizes. They do not offer room for customization apart from the choices manufacturer may offer.
  • Semi-Custom cabinets-These too are pre-manufactured but offer various options than the stock cabinets. Customers can customize them according to their preference.
  • Custom Cabinets- These are cabinets that are built according to the specification of customers. They are not limited on color, wood finish and style choices.

Final Verdict

Generally, the choice of a cabinet will depend on various factors such as the architecture of your house and the region it is situated. Kitchen Cabinets form an essential part of your remodeled kitchen because of the functionality and their visibility. Therefore, you need to choose cabinets for your kitchen wisely as this will increase the value of your home.

Easy ways to go Eco-friendly when remodeling your bathroom

Easy ways to go Eco-friendly when remodeling your bathroom

If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodeling project for your home, one thing you should definitely take into consideration is making it eco-friendly. Sometimes people think that doing something like this will make the remodeling more expensive, but that is not true. Here are some inexpensive ways to make your bathroom remodeling eco-friendly, and keep the costs down.

Choose no- VOC or low VOC materials. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Components, which have a negative effect on the air quality in your home.

Toilets and showers

For the toilet, which is one of the biggest water users in the house, about 27% you should choose a low flow toilet or dual flush solution. If you would like to keep your old toilet, you can just retrofit it with a dual flush system instead.

Improvements in low-flow shower heads are letting people enjoy their showers, and save money at the same time. I think the biggest complaint about the low-flow showers was that it just didn’t feel the same or as enjoyable, causing a lot of people to hesitate to buy them. But now, with new technology, this option is becoming more and more popular.

Flooring tile

A ceramic tile is a great option if you’re looking to replace the flooring in your bathroom remodeling project. You can choose from many colors, patterns, and a lot of tiles are made from recycled products. Led light fixtures, while they are more expensive to purchase, will pay for themselves within the first 2 years.

Always look for products that have eco-friendly symbols on them such as WaterSense or Greengaurd. This will help you make the right ecological choices when deciding on your new purchases.

Professional home remodeling contractors can assist you in choosing the right materials that will make your bathroom efficient and eco-friendly. If you’re located in upstate New York, we suggest consulting with Bathroom Remodel Syracuse, one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Syracuse, NY and the entire northeast.

Popular Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Popular Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Little else seems more appealing to a hardworking professional than lounging in a spa-like master bathroom after a long day at work. For this reason, Americans pour anywhere between $10,000 and $45,000 into their bathroom remodeling escapades. Though this figure may seem quite indulgent, when carried out intelligently, a bathroom remodel can significantly increase the resale value of a home, hence making it a sound investment.

Below, we’ll discuss three of the most popular bathroom remodeling ideas.

Shower Remodels

Gone are the days of premade plastic shower kits; luxurious shower remodels are all the rage in the United States. And, amongst the most coveted remodeling upgrades are sprawling, heavy glass door enclosures, and unique shower spraying systems and elaborate tile work.

The most common color schemes are in the tan and aqua families. However, a standard white subway tile has been a go-to choice for decades. Mosaic tile, Venetian tile, marble tile and ceramic tile are surely the most coveted choices of material.

In hopes of saving a few hundred dollars, many home owners decide to go for a lower grade tile in the shower, such as white ceramic and throughout and just one ,thick stripe of mosaic or marble tile in order to increase the visual impact of the tile work.

Vanity Upgrades

Vanities have come a long way since the boxy builder grade all-in-one vanities that were once the norm. Savvy homeowners are doing away with the cabinet portion of a vanity altogether and creating a makeshift vanity using old vintage dressers. Distressed dressers with a crackle finish or sleek modern ensembles with brushed nickel hardware are also popular choices.

Vessel sinks, large art-deco bowls and other shapely works of art are now the norm for sinks. Of course, no vanity remodel is complete without the accompaniment of granite or marble slabs as the gleaming countertop. Slabs of these premium stones are most common. However, if budgeting issues are a concern, using remnants of granite or marble as tile for the countertop is also a cost-effective alternative.

Separated Restroom

Master bathrooms are often shared between man and wife. And, in order to maximize the usability of the bathroom for both parties, the current trend is to separate the toilet area from the rest of the vanity, shower and Jacuzzi area by enclosing it in a stall of sorts in a small room within the bathroom.

The stall is a simple addition consisting of just framework and a few sheets of drywall. Costs would be minimized if the construction of the stall would be in a corner of the room, as it would require less overall construction. It is also important to take into account whether this is a practical solution for your bathroom, as the plumbing will need to be moved if the toilet must be relocated.

Generally, a 5×5 area is more than sufficient. However, if you have less square footage to work with, it would do just fine.

If you are hoping to create a luxurious bathroom within your home, simply follow the American trends listed above. Though the typical budget is often $10,000 to $40,000, you can minimize the costs by taking on some of the work yourself.